Model 745-OEM I Compact Digital Delay Generator

Mod 745 OEM photo


  • Four hight resolution delay channels
    • 0.25 ps delay resolution
    • 25 ps RMS  jitter
    • 5 ps RMS jitter for short delay
    • 10 seconds delay range
  • Output pulse 2 to 5 V, <2 ns rise time under 50 Ω 
  • Option: Four auxiliary delay channels with 1,25 ns delay resolution and 5 V output amplitude
  • Trigger sources: External, two internal timers, command
  • Triggers rates: Single, repetitive, burst with gate and trigger prescaler features
  • All parameters may be controlled via Ethernet or Web page or USB
  • Compact packaging

- Datasheet


The Model 745-OEM is a compact digital delay generator intended for use in embedded OEM applications. The delay generator provides four independent delay channels (T1 to T4). The delay resolution is 0.25 ps, and external trigger to channel jitter is less than 25 ps RMS. MCX outputs deliver up to 5 V, 1 ns rise time, under 50 Ω. Amplitude and width are adjustable on each output pulse.

A T0 output pulse is also available. It gives a time reference for each generated delayed output. The device can be triggered by different ways: either with an external trigger via a MCX input or with 2 internal timers or with a software command trigger, each one with repetitive, single shot and burst trigger rates.

The Model 745-OEM also provides (as an option) four auxiliary delays channels T5 to T8. The delay resolution is 1.25 ns and trigger to channel jitter is less than 50 ps rms.

All the Model 45-OEM parameters can be controlled via Ethernet, Internet (Web page) or USB.