GFT4218 I 8 Fast High Voltage pulse Generator

 gft4218. ed2


  • 8 simultaneous fast high voltage pulses
  • Output pulses
    • +/- 100V amplitude under 50Ω
    • 100 to 150ns width
    • 6ns rise time under 50Ω
    • <20ps RMS input to output jitter
  • cPCI, 6U, 1 slot form factor

- Datasheet


The GFT4218 module provides eight simultaneous fast high voltage pulses. LEMO outputs deliver 100V, 6ns rise time under 50Ω.

One input channel is used to trigger off all output channel. A T0 output is provided as time reference to the eight output pulses.

In option output amplitude can be adjusted in factory from 30V to 200V.