GFT7012 | 1.15GHz Generator with Phase Shifter



  • 8 independent delay channels
    1ps time resolution
    < 10 ps jitter for internal triggered delays
  • Output pulse 2.5 to10V, 3 ns rise time in 50Ω
  • Internal or External clocking up to 100MHz
  • Independent control of delay, width and amplitude
  • Controlled via Ethernet and front panel

- Datasheet


The GTF7102 Digital delay Generator provides 8 independent delayed pulses on the front panel. Delays up to 10 seconds can be programmed with 1ps resolution and channel to channel jitter is less than 10ps rms. BNC outputs deliver up to 10V, 3ns under 50Ω. Pulse amplitude and width are adjustable on each output channel.

One input channel (TRIG IN), or two internal synchronized timers, or software command is used to trigger all output channels.