GFT9404 | 8 Channel Digital Delay Generator



  • Four independent delay channels
    • 1 ps resolution
    • < 50 ps rms jitter
    • > 20 second delay range
  • Four auxiliary delay channels
    • 5 ns resolution
    • < 100 ps rms jitter
    • > 20 second delay range
  • Front panel or PXI bus
  • PXI 3U, 1 slot, compact packaging

- Datasheet


The GFT9404 module provides four independent delay channels (T0 to T3). The delay resolution is 1 ps, and external trigger to channel jitter is less than 50 ps. SMB outputs deliver 5 V, 2 ns rise time, under 50 Ω. Amplitude and width are adjustable on each output pulse.

The GFT9404 also provides four auxiliary delay channels to the front panel (AT0 to AT3). The copy of these four channels is provided on the PXI bus (PXI trig 0 to PXI trig 3).The delay resolution is 5 ns (one time base clock) and trigger to channel jitter is 100ps.

One input trigger (TRIG IN), PXI STAR trigger, or internal frequency is used to trigger all output channels.