MOKU-LAB I 16-bit, 1 GS/s AWG Generator & Oscilloscope

Featuresphoto mokulab

  • Two 16-bit hight-banwidth DC coupled analog outputs
  • Two 12-bit hight-speed analog inputs
  • Ulta stable clocks, 10 MHz external reference and external triggering
  • Convenient connectivity: WI-FI, Ethernet and USB
  • Control using iPad, Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB interfaces
  • Save data to Dropbox, email, SD card or internal memory
  • SW User interface functions for Waveform generator, Oscilloscope, data logger, spectrum analyser and more....
  • Compact packaging ( 220 mm diameter)

- Datasheet


The Moku:Lab Arbitrary Waveform Generator can generate custom Waveform up to 65,636 points at update rates of up to 1 GS/s. Waveformm can be loaded from file, or input as a piece-wise mathematical function with up to 32 segments, enabling you to generate truly arbitrary waveforms. In pulsed mode, waveform can be output with more than 250.000 cycles of dead time between pulses, allowing you to excite your system with an arbitrary waveform at regular intervals over extended period of time.

 Moku:Lab device Replace multiple piece of equipment with a single device at fraction of the cost. Moku:Lab couples high speed analig inputs and outputs to fast reconfigurable digital signal processing.

All in One

Moku:Lab puts the power of multipe instruments at your finger.

Inputs / Outputs

With DC-coupled, low noise analog inputs and outputs, you can measure and generate signals from a single device.

Fully connected

WI-FI: Moku-Lab was designed with modern networking technologies in mind.

Ethernet: For Labs where Wi-Fi is not allowed.

SD storage: Moku:Lab comes with an 8 GB SD card and with the included Moku:Datalogger instrument you can to perform unsupervised, reliable data logging.