Model 310H I Fast 800 V Pulse Generator

FeaturesModel 310H

  • Temperature Stability +/-5 ppm
  • 100 V to 800 V into 50 Ω
  • <15 ns leading edge
  • 20 ns to 20 µs Pulse width
  • Positive or negative pulse
  • Adjustable rates up to 40 KHz
  • 1ns resolution delay and Width control
  • Double pulse mode
  • Parameters may be controlled via front panel, GPIB and RS-232

- Datasheet


The model 6040 consist of programmable pulse & digital delay generator mainframe and a family of optional plug-in modules.

-          The mainframe provides 0.01% timing accuracy with up to 100 MHz repetition rate, 1ns step delay and pulse width resolution. The triggering jitter of 25 ps provides synchronizing capabilities usually associated with only best delay generators. The mainframe without any module provides capable positive and negative outputs.

-          Interchangeable Plug-in modules let you select the output configuration you currently need. Capabilities of the mainframe with its module include: single pulse, double pulse, impulse, external drive, external modulation and CW. The modules themselves determine which of these capabilities are available.

Modules: These interchangeable modules provides electrical signals from 5 V, 180 ps risetime to 800 V, 10 ns risetime. The modules offer rep rate, and width and amplitude control.

The following chart presents the Electrical Module Models (click on blue reference to read the datasheet)

Model Characteristics

Amplitude Into 50 Ω

Offset Max Rate Risetime

Min Width

Max Width

310H Higher Pulse Power 100 V to 800 V None 40 KHz 10 ns 25 ns

20 µs 1%/µs droop

202H High Pulse Power 50 V to 300 V None 500 KHz 5 ns 12 ns

5 ms .005%/µs droop


Fast Risetime High rep Rate

1 V to 5 V ± 5 V 100 MHz 180 ps 3 ns 640 seconds