PPG-1.5 I 1.5 kV Picosecond Pulse Generator

PPG 1.5


  • 1.5 kV Pulse Amplitude
  • 70 ps Rise Time
  • 10 ps RMS Jitter
  • Up to 100 kHz repetition rate
  • Long operation life time

- Datasheet


The models PPG-1.5/100 and PPG-1.5/50 are an external triggered high Voltage picosecond pulse generators. Based on Drift Step Recovery Diodes (DSDR) and Silicon Avalanche Shapers (SAS) new types of semiconductor devices which allow to obtain best in class voltage rise rate, high reliability, low jitter and long operation life time.

PPG-1.5 are laboratory pulse generators designed for prototyping of ultra-wide band (UWB) radars and communication systems as well as other applications which require high voltage picoseconds rise time pulses. Compact and reliable they provide very short high repetition rate 1.5 KV pulses. Very low jitter allows precise synchronization with other equipment or synchronization of many generators in the array.