PRL-470B I Line Driver / Level Translator



  • Rise Time = 800ps Typical @ 5V Output into 50Ω
  • +5 V/-3V Output HL/LL into 50Ω
  • +10 V/-6V Output HL/LL into 1MΩ
  • Normal or Inverted Output
  • 2 Mode for Square Wave Output
  • fmax to 300MHz @ 3.5V Output
  • TTL and single-ended NECL Compatible Inputs (logically ORed)
  • Self-contained 1.3 x 2.9 x 8.1-in. Module includes an AC/DC adapter

- Datasheet


The PRL-470B is a high speed 50 Ω Line Driver/Level Translator with independently variable output Hi and Lo levels. It has TTL- and NECL-compatible inputs. The TTL input has a 50 Ω to ground termination, and the single-ended NECL input has a 50 Ω/-2 V termination. The TTL and NECL inputs are logically ORed; therefore a Hi level applied to either input can be used as a gate signal.

The output Hi and Lo levels are independently variable from 0 V to +5 V and 0 V to -3 V into 50 Ω, respectively, or 0 V to +10 V and 0 V to -6 V into 1 MΩ.

The back-terminated 50 Ω output can drive long 50 Ω lines with or without load termination. A Normal/Invert switch provides output logic polarity selection, and an f/2 switch provides square wave output.

The 50 Ω TTL input requires less than 1 V for triggering. The 800 ps rise time output makes the PRL-470B a cost-effective TDR source for testing cables.

Typical maximum clock rate is 300 MHz @3.5 V output and 250 MHz @5 V output, well suited for testing many semiconductor devices. The trigger output generates > 1 V into 50 Ω or > 2 V into high impedance, and is back-matched with 50Ω for driving un-terminated loads. The self-contained 1.3 x 2.9 x 8.1-in module is supplied with a ±8.5 V/+17 V AC/DC adapter.